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Our Philosophy

R. Mutt Plumbing & Heating seeks to elevate every task to a piece of art. Our mission is to engage people in the spaces where they live and work, and to provide work and services of the highest quality. We strive to use proven best practices, mixing techniques used since the dawn of civilization with the latest products, materials, equipment, and knowledge. We will never lose sight that our customers are people: people who deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and intention.

We at R. Mutt Plumbing & Heating believe honesty, integrity and craftsmanship are fundamental to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. 


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We have been using Joe DeVitis as our plumber for several years. Joe is such a genuine person that we quickly trusted him implicitly. Over the years he not only sustained our trust but we’ve truly grown to respect him for his integrity in the services he’s provided for us even more. We were having problems with our HVAC people’s work on our heating system and Joe provided quick reasonable solutions where the other contractor only presented problems. It’s so good to have a talented plumber that has your best interest in mind.
— David D.
I could not recommend Joe more highly for plumbing fixes! He is a problem solver who is dedicated to getting the job done right. Punctual, transparent, and dedicated to great service, Joe’s a great communicator who will talk you through possible options and his reasoning (if you’re interested). Joe did such a great job with my plumbing problems that I’ve recommended him to every homeowning friend I have in the area. I trust him completely to assess problems and pricing fairly and to think creatively about solving tough problems. Five-star recommendation!
— Whitney M., Cedar Park
To the student who exemplifies great pride and dedication to the plumbing industry, both in the classroom and on the job.
— from Joe DeVitis' Instructors Award, Philadelphia Suburban PHCC Apprenticeship School, 2011


about the owner

Joe DeVitis has 10+ years experience doing residential plumbing in the greater Philadelphia area. He is a master plumber with licenses from the City of Philadelphia and the Delaware County Municipalities Plumbing Council. He is backflow testing, maintenance, and repair certified by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) and is OSHA-30 certified. He lives in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia, where he lives with his spouse, newborn Atticus, dog Jarry, and teaches at the West Philly Tool Library.